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One giant leap

This is such a tiny thing – pushing the publish button on this post. I’ve been wanting and waiting to do it for years now, but have always found reasons not to. I have made it about the design, the technical set up of the page, the URL, the fact that others are smarter or funnier or better writers than I am. I have made this about a million things that all come down to my fear of not being *enough*, but I’ve never made it about the writing. Until now. I am going to worry about all of the peripheral stuff later and I am going to put words on this page. I will worry over them and regret a lot of them. I will question the value of them and why anyone would care to read them. But I will write them anyway. Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” So I am going to write mine. It may not be profound. It will most certainly be more about potty training my son and my current pop culture obsession than anything else, but it will be mine and I will celebrate it. I hope you’ll celebrate it with me. I hope you will come here to laugh or to empathize or to look at pictures of my cute kid. I hope you will comment and give feedback and help me get over my fear of writing something other than a press release for people to read. So, here goes, world (or you know, both of you), this is my giant leap.

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