Imperfectly Nice

Meeting Ian, or, I’m Sorry Nina Dobrev

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, or TVD, as it is known to fans as the CW has drilled that into our heads from the beginning, lest anyone give it the unfortunate moniker VD, you probably know that Ian and Nina have broken up.

Aaaand, I think we all know why:

Ian and April

Seriously, man, I am a happily married woman.

 In a rumor you haven’t heard yet, (because I am starting it here, now) it has been said that Ian couldn’t get a fan he met at a recent event out of his head and it started the rift between the beautiful co-stars. It all make sense now … the hugs, the lingering glances, the arm tweak. All fans know that isn’t Ian’s MO – he’s notoriously standoffish with fans. That’s right, apparently, Ian just tired of the flawless skin, glossy hair and legs up to there of his 20-something lady and may just prefer the laugh lines and fleshy upper arms of a 30-something mom.* My apologies to the fandom.

*Is the sarcasm coming through? Because I hope so. Seriously, meeting Ian (I can totally call him Ian now. After all, we shared fleeting moments of a paid fan experience. ) was  great. I could tell you he wasn’t as pretty as he is on TV or that he’s actually kind of a jerk, but those would be dirty, dirty lies. He was kind and gracious and even prettier than he is on TV. I know. It seems impossible, yet it’s true.

Anyway, I hate that those two couldn’t make it work because it was fun watching them be beautiful and philanthropic together. I think the only right decision here is to make season five all Delena, all the time, yes? 


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