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On classic films and swimming pigs

Have you ever had a little sliver of a song drift into your brain for a few fleeting seconds? For years and years? And even though you are a master of Googling, maybe because you always feel the need to prove yourself right in petty arguments with your husband, (No, that is absolutely NOT a Smashing Pumpkins song, that is a Green Day song and HOW could you ever confuse the two? GAH! Google! I win!) you never actually Google the snippet of song because it always comes to you at random times, like in the shower and you’ve forgotten it by the time you get out? No? Just me?

Well, seriously, for years, I have randomly had a brief clip of dramatically swelling music and the words, “… you, a dream come true” go through my head and I have never remembered where it came from. It’s from some classic black and white movie, no film, I would think. (Because, obviously, film is fancier.) Probably something with Gene Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Maybe with someone like Donald O’Connor as the zany sidekick, like in “Singing in the Rain.” But something really romantic and classic.

It’s this:

Yep, Charles Grodin singing of his undying love for Miss Piggy in “The Great Muppet Caper.” Classic. Romantic. With a pig in a swimsuit. In my defense, this was obviously inspired by an Esther Williams movie.

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2 thoughts on “On classic films and swimming pigs

  1. Hmm, after watching my own children attempt to watch movies all the way through and falling asleep in the same place every time – I wonder if this was where you fell asleep when we were kids – therefore the illusive dream state ballad wandering through your head. Gotta love Miss Piggy!

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