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Don’t know just what to do with myself

I find myself unexpectedly without child tonight after a call from my mother-in-law earlier today.

MIL: Hey! I was thinking about picking Vaught up early today. 
Me: Sure! He would love that!
MIL: … and taking him to Florida. 
Me: (Blinking, stuttering.) Well, yes, yes, of course that is a fantastic idea. Because, Florida! And cousins!

It is a fantastic idea because he loves our family in Florida and he loves his Mimi, who he doesn’t see that often any more since the move to Wisconsin. No, really. Wisconsin. Don’t get me wrong – I am sure Wisconsin is a lovely place but not many people move from the Gulf Coast to Wisconsin, you know? I mean, temperatures get down below 45 and we just freeze up on the spot. True story.

Now I am caught between the opposing emotions of elation at the idea of having an entire night to myself and being a little bummed about the whole situation. I mean, on one hand there is an entire night to myself. To myself. To do whatever I want to do. Whatever. I. Want. To. Do. The mind boggles. I don’t think I can comprehend the concept. (And you people with multiple children are totally rolling your eyes now, aren’t you? And to you, I say, a great big, fat whatever.) On the other hand, I have realized as I get older that while I am typically a pretty laid back person, things like this kind of throw me off. I need some notice, you know? I was planning on letting him run around in his new Buzz Lightyear costume and making mac and cheese tonight and these are obvs plans that CANNOT BE CHANGED. Also, I didn’t properly say goodbye this morning since I wasn’t aware of the Florida plan. I hugged and cuddled and kissed enough for an eight hour separation, but a 24+ hour separation? I just don’t think I got the job done.

The good news is that the babysitter lives close enough to my office that I ran by for a proper goodbye, complete with hugs and cuddles and kisses and some very sunrise/sunset moments while he was all, “Um, yeah, can we go to Florida now? Because, Florida. And cousins. And Mimi will totally let me eat cupcakes a lot of the times.” Yeah, so … an evening to myself. I can’t decide if I should:

1-      Call up some friends for a last-minute ladies’ night out. (But, you know, it is a Wednesday and they have kids, so probably not.)

2-      Go to a fine dining establishment since I haven’t seen the inside of one of those for, oh, about two years and nine months, and eat, very, very slowly. My meals are typically eaten quickly, with one hand, and a toddler standing in my lap while he wipes his hands on my hair. It’s an adventure both while eating and while showering and playing “what the hell is this in my hair?” the next morning.

3-      Target. Book store. Starbucks. I seriously may not be able to handle the level of euphoria my brain would reach if I choose this option.

4-      Drink wine on my couch while trying to figure out how I can switch the connection from the DVR to the Roku because I am just that good at technology.

I am thinking I will have a lovely evening of some sort of combination of numbers three and four. That and the total and complete panic I will experience when I wake up in the morning wondering why I haven’t heard Vaught on the monitor yet. This is going to be awesome! With one exception: No wake up call from Buzz Lightyear. Image


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