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Sweater pants. Let’s make this happen.

I know it’s a Friday afternoon and all of the folks at Banana Republic HQ are getting ready to go out to dinner, turning their sensible casual Friday outfits into something slightly less sensible and a little more sparkly for a night out on the town, (Flats to spike heels, a statement necklace in a contrasting color!), but they may want to cancel those dinner reservations once they’ve laid their eyes on sweater pants. That’s right. I’m making it a thing.

It may look like a sweater from their factory outlet collection circa 2007, but has been converted – upcycled, if you will – into a lovely pair of toddler leggings, complete with buttons in the back for easy Pullup access. Mommy can wear it to work, toddler wears it when the warm May sunshine becomes cold May rain (Seriously? This is why we live in the south, Weather!) and your child’s adorable seersucker shorts are completely useless.

So, hop to BR designers. We’ve got gold here. And I am not even charging you for this. I am a totally a philanthropist. First, refusing to kill imaginary birds and now this? Will my good deeds never end? The rest of you can thank me when your baby girl is using your capri pants as a cute little scarf.

sweater pants


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